About Us

AAA Condominium Services is a family run business with more than 10 years experience in Condominium and Property Management. We are small enough to deliver services in our hands on ‘boutique’ style of management yet large enough to offer services that you expect from larger condominium management companies. Most of our clients have approached us following referrals from other clients as a result of our professional approach to our work.

We specialise in Condominium Management and believe that excellent customer service has always been one of the critical competitive advantages so we treat our customers not just as a number for our business, we understand and appreciate that the owners have invested heavily in their property so the upkeep of the common parts are of extreme importance to enhance value to their investment. We are not out to increase the size of our client base if it means by doing so we jeopardize the quality of services we provide.

In today’s hectic world we will make your condominium administration experience as hassle free as possible with tailor made Administration Packages at the best prices.
We guarantee that immediate action will be taken on any faults or problems reported by owners and tenants. Our collective ability is to focus on the needs of our customers, listen,communicate and act!

Our goal is to make sure you receive professional service, to protect and enhance your investment and to reduce the potential headache of administrating your condominium.